Maryland HQL & CCW Courses

Note on Fingerprinting:

I do not provide fingerprinting services as the cost of the equipment, software, and continuing support costs are prohibitive for a small business.
You can access these services via the following webpages -

  Maryland Handgun Qualification License

The State of Maryland requires anyone purchasing a handgun to first obtain a Handgun Qualification License.  I make time available for this course every month.  Your registration must be received at least 15 days before the class. if there are no registrations the course is not held.

You can view my Training Services Calendar here.
Please click here to download a registration form.
You can download a Syllabus.

Wear and Carry License

The State of Maryland requires 16 hours of training for a new licensee before applying and 8 hours of training before each renewal.

Check the calendar for a schedule of course dates.

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